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Kim Wilde (born Kim Smith, November 18, 1960) is an English pop singer, gardener, and pop cultural figure. She debuted in 1981 with the hit Kids in America, which was number two in the British music chart.

Kim was born in Chiswick, West London as the first child of 1950s rock 'n' roller Marty Wilde (real name Reginald Smith) and Joyce Baker, formerly of the British singing and dancing group the Vernons Girls.

She moved with her family to Hertfordshire at the age of 9 where she was educated at Presdales School, Ware, before completing a foundation course at St Albans College of Art & Design in 1980.

Kim was signed to Mickie Most's RAK Records in 1980 and released her first single, Kids in America, in January 1981. It was an instant success, reaching no. 2 in the UK singles chart and ending up in the top 5 all over Europe. In the US, the single peaked at no. 25 on Billboard Hot 100, and in their year-end Hot 100 chart for 1982, it ranked at no. 85.

The debut album Kim Wilde followed later that year and spawned a further two hits, "Chequered Love" and "Water On Glass". Kim recorded a total of three albums for RAK Records before signing to MCA Records in the summer of 1984. Most of the songs, including all her major hits, were written by her father Marty and brother Ricki Wilde

Six subsequent albums for MCA Records have included international hits such as "Another Step (Closer To You)" (recorded with Junior), "You Came", "Never Trust A Stranger", "Four Letter Word", "If I Can't Have You" (a cover of the Yvonne Elliman (Bee Gees written) song from the movie Saturday Night Fever) and a remake of the Supremes classic "You Keep Me Hangin' On" - which gave Kim her first USA Number 1 single in 1987 - all of which have contributed to total worldwide album and single sales in excess of 7 million and 12 million respectively. This same period corresponded with Kim's development as a songwriter having written or co-written the majority of the songs on the MCA albums including many of the above hit singles.

Kim received the Best Female Vocalist Award from the British Phonographic Industry in the United Kingdom in 1983 and has subsequently received two further nominations in this category. Also, she has received numerous silver, gold and platinum records from all over the world.





Release Date Title Highest UK Chart Position Weeks In Chart
21st February 1981 Kids In America 2 13 weeks
9th May 1981 Chequered Love 4 9 weeks
1st August 1981 Water On Glass/ Boys 11 8 weeks
14th November 1981 Cambodia 12 12 weeks
17th April 1982 View From A Bridge 16 7 weeks
16th October 1982 Child Come Away 43 4 weeks
30th July 1983 Love Blonde 23 8 weeks
12th November 1983 Dancing In The Dark 67 2 weeks
13th October 1984 The Second Time 29 6 weeks
8th December 1984 The Touch 56 3 weeks
27th April 1985 Rage To Love 19 8 weeks
25th October 1986 You Keep Me Hangin' On 2 14 weeks
4th April 1987 Another Step Closer To You (with Junior) 6 11 weeks
8th August 1987 Hey Mister Heartache 31 5 weeks
5th December 1987 Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (with Mel Smith) 3 7 weeks
16th July 1988 You Came 3 11 weeks
1st October 1988 Never Trust A Stranger 7 9 weeks
3rd December 1988 Four Letter Word 11 8 weeks



   Kim Wilde


Water On Glass
Our Town
Everything We Know
Young Heroes
Kids In America
Chequered love
2 6 5 8 0
You'll Never Be So Wrong
Falling Out
Tuning In Tuning On


Words Fell Down
Action City
View From A Bridge
Just A Feeling
Chaos At The Airport
Take Me Tonight
Can You Come Over
Wendy Sadd
Cambodia ? Reprise

   Catch As Catch Can

House of Salome
Back street Joe
Stay a while
Love blonde
Dream sequence
Dancing in the dark
Shoot to disable
Can you hear it
Sing it out for love

   Teases And Dares

The Touch
Is It Over
Suburbs Of Moscow
Fit In
Rage To Love
The Second Time
Thought It Was Goodbye

   Another Step


You Keep Me Hangin' On
Hit him
Another step (closer to you)
The thrill of it
I've got so much love
Say you really want me
She hasn't got time for you
How do you want my love
Don't say nothing's changed


Hey Mr Heartache
You Came
Four Letter Word
Love In The Natural Way
Love's A No
Never Trust A Stranger
You'll be the one who'll lose
European soul
Lucky guy








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